Why Should You Choose LANAP?

The benefits of LANAP® over traditional treatment options are many. Patients who receive laser gum surgery with LANAP® can expect:

• Faster healing time
• Minimal discomfort
• Little to no gum recession
• Bone regeneration
• Less inflammation
• Saving teeth!

Less Pain. Less Discomfort. LANAP.

Laser Gum Surgery vs. Traditional Gum Surgery Woodbury, NY

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Laser vs Osseous Surgery in Florence & Ft. Thomas, KY

Dr. Ryan Estes offers laser gum surgery to treat periodontal disease in Florence & Ft. Thomas, KY. Dr. Ryan Estes uses the Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure (LANAP®). LANAP® is laser gum surgery used to treat moderate to severe periodontal disease that surpasses traditional treatment options due to its effectiveness and comfort for patients.

Periodontal disease is a serious condition characterized by symptoms such as receding gums, bone loss, and even tooth loss. Most of the damage caused by the disease is irreversible, but treatment can help to keep it from progressing. There is no cure for periodontal disease, but it can be managed through treatment.

Early detection and treatment from Dr. Ryan Estes is key. Historically, patients have delayed treatment because of the pain and discomfort associated with some treatments. With LANAP®, patients do not have to worry. This laser gum surgery is minimally invasive, lacking the need for cutting or sutures!

The minimally invasive nature of LANAP® promotes faster healing time, which means less downtime. Diseased and damaged tissues are eradicated by the laser light, and healthy tissue is left intact. Traditional treatment options require a scalpel to cut away diseased tissue that can inadvertently remove healthy tissue as well.

Traditional gum surgery often requires stitches post procedure as well as pain medication and longer healing time. It is uncommon for Dr. Ryan Estes to prescribe pain medication following laser gum surgery, because it is generally not needed!

Traditional treatments are also associated with gum recession. Further gum recession opens the mouth up for root decay, sensitivity, and an increased risk of losing teeth. LANAP® significantly reduces the risk for any of these side effects that are associated with traditional treatment.